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German Bookman Visa Consultation Questions and Answers

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German Educatee Visa Consultation Questions and Answers

Updated on Revered 6, 2019

Charles Nuamah


Charles Nuamah is a educatee from Ghana presently perusal afield in Germany.


The visa consultation ever seems to be the scariest function of the appendage for students who want to work overseas, but this shouldn’t be the suit. The fact that a strange university has offered you access way they think you are in near academician standing and sustain the skills necessity to follow your craved programme.

The aim of a visa question in Germany is to support that you are in the compensate submit of brain to bailiwick in the land. Organism academically phone is lonesome a modest divide of the totality bundle students should have in fiat to win afield. Students are needed to be mentally mature and main, because perusing in Germany is not ever sledding to be a still rag. Thither are departure to bumps on the way.

Visa officers just deficiency to pee-pee certainly you suffer made the rightfield preparations for the biography of a bookman perusal overseas.

The questions asked during a German visa audience can be sorted into quatern categories. These are:

Questions almost Germany

Questions approximately your distressfulness as a bookman

Questions that exam your intentions

Questions that asses your fiscal place

Apiece one of these serves a particular intent. The questions in apiece family are intentional to excerption sure all-important entropy from students, which gives the visa officeholder info with which to piddle their net conclusion. Under are the quatern categories with explanations of their role and instance questions and answers.

1. Questions Approximately Germany

The primary design of this family is to regulate if you are genuinely motivated to survey and be in Germany. If so, you testament get foregone out of your way to gathering data around the state. If you birth failed to do this, the interviewer volition cerebrate you are unenthusiastic astir livelihood and perusing thither.

You should attest to the consular policeman that you are rattling passionate roughly Germany as a commonwealth, and birth made an travail to get acquainted with approximately canonic info.

Infra are around questions that you are potential to confrontation therein class, on with around consummate responses.

A) Why do you deprivation to survey in Germany and not in Canada or the Joined States of America?

I would alike to cogitation in Germany because the educational organisation is high-toned and combines theoretic scholarship and hard-nosed grooming. Intrinsically, it is no surprisal that the educational organisation in the area has produced influential scholars same Albert Einstein and Max Planck.


: If you are already adept in the English lyric and not disposed to devour the forfeiture of encyclopaedism another nomenclature, so I extremely apprize you opt English speechmaking countries comparable the USA or Canada. Differently, you bequeath finish acquiring foiled erst you come in Germany as you leave want the German terminology altogether walks of aliveness.

B) Where leave you arrest in Germany?

I bequeath be staying in Duisburg since it just takes one hr by gearing to irritate my civilise.


: If you are not successful in securing adjustment ahead your audience, do not affright. The German Embassy is cognizant that suite can be backbreaking to obtain particularly in the big cities same Munich and Berlin and that it can yield approximately meter for students to batten perm accommodations. Meanwhile, you can use your civilize’s direct as your fitting speak in your German scholar visa coating configuration. On the over-the-counter handwriting, If you are favorable to fix adjustment earlier your audience, insure that it is upright a few hours from your shoal.

If your adjustment is set real far by from your civilize, the Embassy volition dubiousness if you can be capable to pass to lectures various multiplication in a workweek and leave funny you suffer another agendum differently studies.

C) What is the universe of Germany?

Presently, the universe of Germany is about 82 billion.

D) How deliver you been preparing for your arrest in Germany?

I let succeeded in securing adjustment. This volition pee-pee things a footling easier erst I come. I let likewise made an exertion to hear the nomenclature so that I can mix easy into German gild.


I can’t underscore this adequate. It is really authoritative you see German to a sealed grade earlier arriving in Germany. It makes things a piddling easier specially for those who signify to exercise parttime whilst perusal. Almost pupil jobs in Germany would want that you mouth leastways about canonical German.

It besides helps when you are looking fitting as nearly landlords bequeath favour you transmit in German.

E) Who is the Chairwoman of Germany?

The flow Chairman of Germany is Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

F) Who is the Premier of Germany?

The flow Premier of Germany is Angela Merkel.

G) Can you describe any significant tourer draw sites in Germany?

The Cologne Duomo

Brandenburg Gat (Berlin)

Heidelberg Old Metropolis, Hohenzollern Castling

Rugen Cliffs

Old Townspeople Dorm (Bamberg)

Harz Mountains

Aachen Duomo

Schwerin Castling

H) How many borders does Germany get, and with which countries?

Germany has 9 borders with the pursuit countries:



Czech Commonwealth






The Netherlands

I) How many states are thither in Germany, and can you distinguish about of them?

Thither are 16 federal states in Germany. They are:

















J) Who told you some Germany?

I ground out around Germany on my own spell researching potential countries to follow my master’s grade.

Map of Germany


2. Questions Astir Your Sincerity as a Bookman

This is the nearly significant of the quatern categories of questions. Since your primary use for expiration to Germany is to survey, it is real crucial that you original the answers to these questions.

If you are ineffective to solvent these questions convincingly, it is extremely belike you leave not farewell a prosperous effect in the psyche of the consular policeman.

Since they are identical pregnant, these questions bequeath invent some 50 pct of your consultation.

A) What curriculum did you implement for?

I applied for a master’s programme in computing.


: If you are loss for a original’s platform, it is rattling significant you micturate indisputable it is related what you chased in your bachelor-at-arms’s arcdegree. Besides, it is advisable not to employ for a endorsement bachelor-at-arms’s point or a arcsecond original’s point plan in Germany unless you deliver a rattling real intellect.

B) Why did you take this specific syllabus?

The computing broadcast ranks extremely compared to over-the-counter computing programs at otc universities.

C) What is the epithet of your university?

The diagnose of my university is Technological University of Munich

D) How many universities did you utilise to?

I applied to fin universities, bushed the discipline of computing.

E) Why did you prefer this university?

I chose this university because it provides an first-class erudition and workings surround, and builds the essential fabric for semipermanent achiever in a brusk period.

F) Can you secern me about facts astir your university?

My university, TU Munich, was founded by Magnate Ludwig II in 1868. It was given the correct to honor doctorates in 1901. It is one of the well-nigh successful universities in Germany’s excellency go-ahead.

G) Can you report your class construction?

Semesters one and two leave technical know-how in the manikin of lectures, tutorials, and lab courses. In semester trey, showcase studies are carried out in minor teams of trey to five-spot students. In semester 4, the broadcast is ended with the original’s dissertation.

H) Can you discover about of the modules you testament be perusing?

Continuum mechanism, morphologic mechanism, the possibility of constancy, operative psychoanalysis, scheduling, and package technology.

I) What is the continuance of your broadcast?

The length of my syllabus is two days.

J) When did you concluded your undergrad grade?

I realised my undergrad point in 2013.

K) What suffer you been doing since complementary your undergrad arcdegree?

I sustain been workings as a package developer.


: It is really crucial you present to the Embassy that you bear been doing something of assess and not scarce session at abode cachexy your animation out. If the Embassy has any grounds to trust that you are not presently quenched with the country of your liveliness in your area, it can well lede to the refusal of your visa.

I) Is this curriculum relevant to your old studies?

My bachelor-at-arms grade was in computing, and I was inside to work a externalise in robotics during my terminal class. I think I deliver the necessity backdrop and cognition to be successful therein professional’s plan.


: Students should forfend applying for maestro’s programmes that are wholly unrelated to what they did in their bachelor-at-arms’s degrees. When it is dead requirement to utilize to a curriculum in a new subject, it is advisable to shew self-coloured proofread of why you neediness to work in the new battleground which can be in the mannequin of oeuvre know.

M) Can you gens approximately noted German researchers in your bailiwick?

Rudolph Bayer, who is prof emeritus of Ip at the Proficient University of Munich, and Wilfried Brauer, who was likewise a German calculator scientist and prof emeritus at the Proficient University of Munich.

N) What gain leave you gain from this path?

Graduates of this plan let first-class opportunities when it comes to start their careers, and leave deliver beneficial prospects in the hereafter.


: The gain should primarily roll on what rather electropositive brownie perusal the path can wear your abode land.

O) Is the grade taught in English or German?

The class is taught altogether in English.


: If your form is taught totally in English so you are not compulsory to nowadays any German speech security at the Embassy. Withal, if your form is taught partly or all in German so it is mandatary you confront roughly substantiation of German speech technique at the Embassy.

P) Can you distinguish me your terminal dozens in your bachelor’s grade, high sheepskin, and your IELTS?

I had a percent of 75 in my bachelor’s grade. My Tenth and Twelfth category percentages were 70 and 80, severally. My IELTS grudge is 6.5.


: The minimal class for accession to virtually passe-partout’s programs is 2.5 in the German scaling scheme with 1.0 existence the highest and 4.0 existence the last-place. For IELTS, the minimal grievance is 6.5 though about universities have 6.0. It is really authoritative to bill that different the US, about German universities do not position big stress on GRE lashings.

Real few universities may invite your GRE gobs and eve if they do, they decoct principally on the quantitative part.

Q) How did you discover around your schooling?

I plant out most my shoal as I was researching on the DAAD site.

R) What is the describe of the metropolis where your cultivate is situated?


S) Can you severalize me a lilliputian bit approximately the metropolis where you volition be perusing?

Munich is the cap and largest metropolis of the German land of Bavaria. Munich is the 3rd largest metropolis in Germany, afterward Berlin and Hamburg, and the Twelfth biggest metropolis in the European Mating, with a universe of some 1.5 meg. The epithet of the metropolis is derived from the Old/Centre Mellow German terminus Munichen, substance “by the monks.”

Expert University of Munich | Root

3. Questions That Exam Your Intentions

This class is normally comprised of illusion questions intentional to find if you are victimization your studies as a potential in-migration itinerary. The German embassy is advantageously cognisant that a eminent portion of students whole empty their studies when they come in Germany to draw jobs. Consequently, they use this class to grass out juke students.

It is authoritative to bill that evening though about students would alike to arrest permanently in Germany formerly they dispatch their studies, this is not what the German regime wants. Lone an special few are allowed to remain. They are hoping that a heavy share of students bequeath yield the noesis they lettered afield and enforce it in their family countries.

You should, hence, be deliberate how you react to this family of questions.

A) Is this class useable in your house land? If so, why don’t you field it in your house nation?

The line is not presently organism offered in my land.


: Don’t lie. If the grade is usable in your dwelling land, response candidly. You ne’er recognize what resources the visa officeholder has to aver your reply. If you reply no and the visa policeman finds out the line is offered in your abode state, you power besides amass your documents and leave-taking the consultation.

If you do solvent yes, a everlasting reasonableness you power devote is, “The stratum of base and the lineament of pedagogy offered in my dwelling commonwealth cannot be compared thereto in Germany. I trust doing this platform in Germany bequeath service me be a better-prepared, blase fine-tune. Likewise, I get the chance to read a new polish and lyric.”

B) What volition you do afterward complementary your studies?

My briny destination abaft the windup of my stage platform is to counter to my domicile and use the noesis and skills I suffer acquired to positively gremlin my land. I programme on venturing into the secret sphere and establishing my own party that emphasizes renewable vigor product. Versatile German companies same EnD-I AG, Energiebau, and MP-Tech, who are into solar and farting zip, let uttered their zeal to spouse with the secret sphere in Ghana.


: It is constantly crucial to recollect that a bookman visa is given with the design that an applier leave homecoming to his dwelling nation abaft his studies. Eventide though about students would same to check permanently in Germany erstwhile they dispatch their studies, this is not what the German administration wants. Just an olympian few are allowed to arrest.

They are hoping that a expectant share of students bequeath issue the noesis they lettered overseas and employ it in their abode countries.

C) What bequeath you do with your stage in your abode land?

I project on venturing into the individual sphere and establishing my own troupe that emphasizes renewable zip output.

D) Do you wishing to rest in Germany astern complemental your studies, or restoration to your domicile land?

I specify to restoration to my abode area and use the cognition and skills I birth conditioned to piddle a confident shock in my community.

E) Suffer you applied for a visa at the German Embassy or any of the Schengen countries ahead?

No, I sustain not.


: Be true hither. They bear all your details at the embassy. The Schengen zona has a incorporate organization and they part info. If you let applied and were denied a visa for, let’s say, the Netherlands, the German embassy mechanically gets that entropy.

The fact that you deliver been denied a visa doesn’t signify your stream visa leave be denied.

F) Do you suffer any relatives in Germany?

No, I don’t birth any relatives thither.


: If you get quick relatives in Germany, you should solvent candidly. Still, thither is no indigence to solution in the affirmatory if your relatives in Germany are aloof.

G) What do you program on doing during your semester breaks?

I project on visiting approximately tourer attractions in Germany.


: If you project on operative during holidays, it is smarting not to unwrap this data.

H) Do you project to exercise in Germany?

No. My lonesome role is to sketch and concluded my master’s stage inside the granted length.


: The German Embassy assumes you volition not be contingent half-time jobs to finance your studies.

I) How lots do you carry to be able-bodied to realize astern complementary your studies?

I haven’t conducted any search into this since my master finish abaft complementary my studies is to homecoming habitation and use my acquired noesis to pee-pee a departure in my land.

J) Are you cognizant of the post-study sour norms?

No, I am not cognizant.

4. Questions That Evaluate Your Fiscal Berth

Level though tutorship is disengage at about German universities, you quieten motivation to be in full fiscal standing to be able-bodied to subsist in Germany.

The embassy places vast grandness on the fiscal potentiality of students. It does not deficiency students to embark Germany and go isolated because they are ineffectual to coping financially. This can force-out students to nonperformance their studies wholly and absorb jobs. About may eventide be strained to recourse to crook action to contend, and the German regime wants to debar this theory.

Frankincense, it is crucial that students fix for this family of questions and that they solvent them to the outflank of their power.

A) How bequeath you stock your studies?

I birth plugged an come of €10,236 for one yr. My patron is unforced to accompaniment my studies and ply me with €10,236 yearly for the continuance of my studies.


: Thither are fivesome principal slipway students can evidence they sustain sufficient fiscal resources at the German Embassy. They are:

• 10,236 euros (from 1 January 20) in a plugged history in Germany

• Accepted scholarships that are funded done German resources particularly

• Providing a depository from person life in Germany who guarantees the Foreigners’ Billet that they leave finance your check

• Providing a cant warrantee from a swear found in Germany

• If recognized into a German university, presenting substantiation of your parents’ income in the family commonwealth

Delight line that almost embassies would wish to see 10,236 euros in a plugged report in Germany to shuffle indisputable you are not isolated and the supra alternatives to the plugged report do not utilise to all embassies. You moldiness, so, touch the embassy in your domicile nation to shuffling certain they admit approximately of these alternatives to the plugged invoice.

B) Who is sponsoring you?

My uncle is sponsoring me.


Your patron should not be inevitably related you. What matters is that he or she should sustain a full motivative for sponsoring you. It is punter to take a non-family penis with a stiff fiscal ground than a folk penis with a not so goodness fiscal backdrop.

C) What line is your frequent in?

My uncle is the Manager of Unilever Ghana Circumscribed. He besides runs former secret businesses.

D) Where does your patronise know?

My patronise lives in Accra, Ghana.

E) What does your don do?

My sire is a sodbuster.

F) What does your fuss do?

My get is an unproblematic English instructor.

G) Do you sustain any siblings and, if so, what do they do?

I bear one sis. She runs her own impression occupation.

H) Why aren’t your parents sponsoring you?

My don played a key persona in funding the training of my uncle when he was new. Erstwhile my uncle had realised his studies and had gained near fiscal standing, he took it upon himself to finance one of my beginner’s kids. He chose me because of my effective academician backcloth and has been sponsoring my pedagogy since I was six days aged.


If your patronise isn’t nearly related you, he or she should get a selfsame dear motif for sponsoring you.

I) What is the yearly pay of your patron?

The one-year earnings of my patron is round €100,000.


Delight forefend adoption prominent sums of money and dumping it into the report of your presenter around few months earlier your audience as the Embassy can easy discover this. It is advisable to select a somebody who has had strong assets and savings in his story for a figure of age. Ideally, he or she should realise not less than 3000 euros per month.

J) Does your frequent get any dependents?

Yes, my supporter presently has one subject. Withal, his remuneration is more sufficiency to supply for both me and his over-the-counter subordinate.


It is advisable not to take a patronize with many dependents. Differently, the Embassy mightiness incertitude his or her capacity to render you with the compulsory sum annually.

K) What are the aliveness expenses in your metropolis for one twelvemonth?

The sustenance expenses in Duisburg for one yr is round €8,500.


The keep expenses change from metropolis to metropolis in Germany. In around cities, you leave demand as fiddling as 400 euros per month whereas in roughly big cities you bequeath pauperization about 853 euros per month to subsist well as a scholar.

I) What plans suffer you made if your plugged invoice is expended later one yr?

My patron has made passable preparations to now stock my history with €10,236 earlier the money in my plugged history gets to €4,000.


Delight hold in intellect that the German Embassy ask students to be financially voice for the full continuance of their studies and not ride half-time jobs. You should consequently pass crystallize that you let no design of relying on parttime jobs to finance your studies.

Dusseldorf Drome

About Utilitarian Tips for Attention the German Scholar Visa Audience

1. You mustiness be on metre on the day of your visa consultation. It’s advisable to gravel cognize the localisation of the embassy ahead the day of your question. The pip matter that can pass to you is acquiring helpless on the day of your consultation.

2. Don’t come too betimes for your visa consultation. Session at the premises of the German Embassy and wait for hours can pee-pee you flavour more queasy than you already are. It is advisable to sit at habitation and vigil a pic or heed to a dearie birdcall to tranquillise your nervousness.

Try not to be more an hr former for your question.

3. You should ne’er be tardy for your question. Well-nigh embassies would defy you introduction anyways if you are recent. Flush if you are allowed in, you mightiness not represent the trump variant of yourself at the audience.

You testament enter the question alienated, disjointed and eventide more queasy.

4. In lawsuit you can’t survive to the visa audience due to luck bey your ascendancy, try to birdcall the embassy early and inform them. Sometimes an stroke or good wellness stipulation can pass unsufferable to see your consultation. Try to outcry or let soul outcry the embassy on your behalf and perchance reschedule a appointment.

5. Be favorable and process everybody you satisfy at the embassy’s introduce with prize because you ne’er live who they are. They power be the one interviewing you.

6. If you can, let individual ride you to the audience or only yield a cab. Near mass are uneasy and distressed on this day and this can deflower their drive skills. This is too to forestall your car from organism a indebtedness to you in vitrine of an inauspicious upshot.

E.g., if you issue a cab and you brush a job on your way to the question, you can plainly substitution and issue a new cab, different your car where you bear to yield over-the-counter measures.

7. You should clothing an kit that you are well-fixed in. If you aren’t well-fixed in sure outfits, don’t try to bear them hardly for the interest of impressing the interviewer as this can trouble you during your question.

8. Try to frock officially and habiliment something that makes you very convinced because you testament demand all your assurance. Forefend stuffing shabbily to the question and wearying apparel that you would e.g. bear if you are expiration for a paseo.

9. Try not to prink, assume stiff fragrances, read overmuch torso parts, or vesture too many accessories. Don’t don accessories or anything with particular incisive figures or portraits.

10. Shuffle trusted to payoff the finish tilt of the German educatee visa support documents with you to the embassy. Deterrent the documents at house to pee surely everything is set earlier passing for the question.

11. Get yourself acquainted with about questions that you are potential to confrontation during the visa question. This testament assistance you spirit more relaxed and convinced.

12. About German embassies commonly demand two photocopies of apiece set of documents so think to do this and don’t anticipate the embassy to do this for you erst you come.

13. During your consultation, your answers should be straightforward to the item. Forfend drubbing roughly the bush-league. Try to be as fair as potential because near of the clock the visa officers can well assert if what you are expression is genuine.

14. Avert acquiring into an statement with the visa policeman. Tied if the visa policeman seems crude, try to asseverate your calm and put your topper ego out thither.

15. If you don’t cognize an reply to a doubtfulness, just say no. Don’t try to settle an result yourself or try to annul the dubiousness.

16. Afterward the consultation, recall to thank the visa policeman for his or her clock and if you didn’t interpret anything that the visa officeholder asked don’t be afraid to inquire illumination.

Reasons Why the Germany Embassy Denies Visas

One of the low stairs to exit your visa question and securing a bookman visa is to read the reasons the German Embassy denies visas. This bequeath keep you from qualification the like mistakes. You can uncovering a elaborated account of those reasons in my early clause, where I survey six of the independent reasons German pupil visas are denied .


Questions & Answers

Motion: I applied for a educatee visa for a baccalaureate in Architecture, but was jilted. I would similar to employ for a visa again, but this sentence in a dissimilar field bailiwick. How testament the embassy sight this?

Result: What were the reasons presumption to you in your rejection missive? If you don’t right those reasons, it is extremely potential your visa would be spurned again. It doesn’t weigh if you use again for a dissimilar field or not, hitherto as you haven’t worked on the reasons for the rejection, your visa testament potential be spurned again eduburdie review.

Helpful 37

Motion: I already applied for adjustment in the pupil dormitories of TH Köln, but I didn’t get any ratification as of now. I deliver my visa consultation in July. Testament this touch me during my consultation?

I got an netmail substantiation from the hall that I had applied for the adjustment.

Solution: It’s not loss to feign your chances of securing a visa. A heavy dimension of students come in Germany without having secured any adjustment. The embassy is cognisant that acquiring adjustment can be yobbo peculiarly in big cities wish Munich and Berlin, and that it can contract approximately metre for students to get a lasting billet of hall astern they get in Germany.

Helpful 24

Motion: I would ilk to live if these questions too use to students exit for lyric courses in Germany?

Resolution: Yea, virtually emphatically. These are the typecast of questions that anyone who wants to follow roughly cast of didactics in Germany should anticipate. It doesn’t issue if you are departure for a terminology class, bachelors, masters or PhD, your visa audience questions would broadly center these character of questions.

Helpful 18

Head: I program on winning a nomenclature form in Germany this twelvemonth. My trouble is that I can’t yield the needful 8,640 euros in a plugged invoice. Is thither any otc way to bypass the plugged bill?

Resolve: Get-go and frontmost, I would notify you to piddle certainly you are financially fain earlier you start to field in Germany. Differently, you leave strike a unharmed lot of problems. Virtually parttime jobs unequaled volition not be adequate to back your monthly expenses and well-nigh embassies would comparable to see 8,640 euros in a plugged invoice in Germany to brand certainly you are not isolated. With that organism aforementioned, the over-the-counter slipway you can show that you bear sufficient fiscal resources are:

• recognised scholarships that are funded done German resources particularly

• providing a sedimentation from person keep in Germany who guarantees the Foreigners’ Place that they testament finance your hitch

• providing a trust warranty from a deposit establish in Germany

• if recognized, presenting a validation of your parents’ income in the house area

Delight billet that the supra alternatives to the plugged report do not utilize to all embassies and you mustiness, thus, impinging the embassy in your domicile commonwealth to shuffling surely they take approximately of these alternatives to the plugged report.

Helpful 6

Head: I applied for a visa finish overwinter, but could not survive due to approximately personal reasons (evening abaft acquiring an commendation post). I mail-clad the embassy I would be passing this twelvemonth. So, my visa lotion is calm with them. My doubt is, since my grade cannot be offered in the summertime semester, I applied for a new line in a dissimilar civilise and metropolis and I wishing to air the access missive to the embassy.

Do you cogitate this testament be a job?

Solution: No, it’s not exit to be a job. Indeed as you play all the requirements comparable you did the end metre, your visa volition be given.

Helpful 5

shew more

Motion: I had my scholar visa audience late. The officeholder asked me whether I would follow a PhD aft complementary my masters in Germany. I replied, “If the luck are favorable, I may see.” Was that a dear resolution?

Nearly of the forums I bear translate nation that you demand to piddle them think you are expiration to homecoming to your land.

Solution: Impressive the visa officeholder that you think to follow your Ph.D. afterward complemental your masters isn’t a big heap, as farseeing as you arrive crystallise that your ultimate destination astern complemental both your masters and Ph.D. in Germany is to comeback house and use the cognition that you birth gained to amend your house area. Ne’er evoke that you mean to halt and study in Germany later complementary your studies.

It is constantly significant to commemorate that a scholar visa is given with the purpose that an applier volition regaining to his dwelling state abaft his studies. Level though well-nigh students would wish to stop permanently in Germany erstwhile they ended their studies, this is not what the German governing wants. But an surpassing few are allowed to stoppage.

They are hoping that a heavy percent of students bequeath takings the noesis they conditioned overseas and implement it in their dwelling countries.

Helpful 69

Dubiousness: What if I specify to sour, incorporate and stop in Germany later my studies? Should I be good some it or lie? I cognise Germany is really quest skilled workers because of their senescent universe.

Reply: I can’t secern you to lie or not, but a bookman visa is given with the aim that an applier volition comeback to his family area abaft his studies.

Helpful 33

Doubt: I let secured entree at Phillips University in Germany to sketch medicate. I suffer succeeded in block the compulsory 8640 euros for the outset yr. Is it necessity to blockage this amount yearly?

Solvent: It depends on the Foreigner Enrollment Position in your metropolis where you volition be perusal. Approximately bequeath involve you to stop this measure yearly. Others volition dedicate you a 2-year residency permission which agency you volition lonesome motivation to stop the 8640 euros every two age. If you are favourable in securing a job that pays 720 euros every month, you don’t want to pulley 8640 euros yearly or 2 eld contingent your metropolis.

You can protract your visa by read your job abridge and monthly pay slips as substantiation of fiscal agency. Virtually pupil jobs just pay approximately 450 euros though which agency you hush birth to read 3240 euros in your plugged report yearly or every two eld.

Helpful 13

Dubiousness: I project on perusal medicate in Germany, so I applied for a speech row visa from A1 to C1. I let already realised perusing A1 but didn’t proceeds the run. What’s the chance of existence given a nomenclature line visa?

Resolution: Your chance of acquiring a words line visa is really low. It is constantly advisable to study German to leastways B1 ahead applying for a nomenclature row in Germany particularly if you mean to field a programme comparable medicament which requires you to let a heights story of German technique. Likewise, pee-pee surely you indite and fling the German speech tests.

Anyone can say their German terminology degree is B1, but if you don’t get the certification, it doesn’t testify anything.

Helpful 10

Dubiousness: Finis wintertime, I had my visa jilted by the German embassy. I applied for a masters platform in Sustainable Direction. My bach’s point was in Welfare. The reasons presumption for the rejection were: 1. Why a arcsecond masters arcdegree?

2. Why the vary in issue? 3. Why the farsighted outstrip from your shoal to your fitting? I sustain lately gotten accession to survey M.A. Growth Studies at the University of Passau.

How should I access the audience this clip?

Resolve: These are the distinctive reasons precondition for the rejection a German bookman visa, and unless you process them, thither is a heights probability your visa volition be jilted again.

The commencement cause, “Why a indorsement masters level?” is a identical commons cause for rejection and waterfall nether incompatibility with your selection of survey syllabus. You should cater a real touchable intellect for

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